Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We sold our house!

Well...awhile ago actually.

It was one of my biggest fears when we decided we wanted to build. How the heck would we sell our house??? Especially in this market? No worries! Ryan Homes hooked us up with a Realtor they work with. Because of that, we were able to move forward with our plans because our Realtor guaranteed the sale of our house within 90 days.

We used The Laurendi Home Selling Team to list our house. They have impressive sales numbers! And a guarantee that they'll sell your house in 90 days or they'll buy it (for an agreed upon minimum price). Not too bad. Some people we knew were VERY skeptical of this. Hell, I was skeptical!

But, luckily for us, we never had to find out!! We got an offer about 4-5 weeks after our house had been on the market. After almost 3 days of negotiations we finally settled on a price for the house. All necessary testing has been completed and the bank will be doing the appraisal on our house tomorrow. The SOLD sign was officially placed in front of our house about a week ago - what a great feeling!! The buyer is sort of a PITA and at this point we're not sure if we'll be renting back or not. The guy wants a $2,000 security deposit. I don't think so! We said we'd pay $500 - so we'll see what he says.

Were we thrilled with the price we got for the house? Not really. BUT it was the number I told Carmen, our agent, that I could live with. And the seller agreed to rent back to us until our house was finished. Would it have been great to make some money off the house? SURE! But, we're breaking even and that's fine. The people at Laurendi have been very nice to us and we haven't had any issues working with them. I got the feeling toward the end of negotiations the team was more concerned with making the sale then getting us more money for the house - but that's why we hired them. We hired them to sell the house and they did. And I'm very greatful I don't have to keep the house spotless for showings! What a PAIN with a 3 year old and 10 month old running around.

So happy that is one more thing we can cross off our list!!


  1. I feel like I can relate so well to each of your posts so far! I have a 19-month old and keeping the house clean for showings was the biggest PAIN to me! Congrats on the sale of your home! And what a fabulous deal that the buyer is willing to rent it back! We packed everything into storage and have been living with my in-laws since Mother's Day weekend. A fabulous blessing of a situation, but we're itching for our own space! At least you can just go from one home to another!

  2. That's great you could well your house that fast! That's also my biggest fear and living it now. When do I put the house on the market? Will it sell right away and worry about where to live for a couple months? Will it not sell for a long time and I have to pay two mortgages? It's a scary situation.