Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Fence...

So, after talking about it and gathering the thoughts of our friends and family, we've decided to see what can be done about the neighbor's fence. My favorite suggestion involved a flame thrower, but we didn't think that would win us any fans in the new 'hood.

What we don't understand is how they were able to put the fence that far over the property line. Typically you're supposed to put the fence INSIDE your OWN property line, you aren't even supposed to put it ON the property line. I'm going to give the neighbor's the benefit of the doubt ('cause I'm nice like that) and assume that they didn't do it on purpose. We think maybe they either didn't measure properly or the company who put the fence in didn't do it properly. If the latter is the case, maybe saying something now will give them the opportunity to get it fixed for free. **Sidenote - when you get a permit to build something...aren't they supposed to come and inspect that something to make sure it was build properly?? And not on someone else's proptery??

Regardless, Jeff is contacted our project manager and we're hoping to hear back from him very soon. He mentioned yesterday that they would be purchasing the lot in the next couple of days, so (in my opinion) that is the perfect reason to contact either the town or the neighbor directly and say "hey - did you know? let's do something about this." That way, WE aren't the bad guys and hopefully it prevents any bad blood between us and our new neighbors!!

This has been the first real "issue" we've run into during this whole process and again, at no fault of the builder. Just the neighbor.

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  1. Kristine -

    We just had a large privacy fence built at our old house last summer. In our experience, we obtained paperwork from the city that showed our property measurements so that we were sure the builder would be building within our property lines ... but I am not entirely sure that this HAS to be done (we did it to make sure we were doing the right thing!). In our county, at least, there is no post-fence-building inspection that takes place to make sure you're on your property. Stinks ...