Thursday, July 29, 2010

No ground breaking yet...but let's talk opinions of Ryan Homes

We haven't broken ground yet.  BOO!!!  SOON I HOPE!!!!

On to another subject...
If you are building a Ryan Home, how often are people telling you negative things about them?? 

Have you noticed that people who say these things typically don't even live in a Ryan Home or have never built with Ryan??  Or issues they're talking about happened 20+ years ago? 

"I hate Ryan Homes."  Um...why?  Do you live in one?  Did you build one?  Oh, you HEARD second hand information that someone had an issue with them?  Gotcha. 

My favorite is when the person knows YOU'VE ALREADY STARTED BUILDING and they "warn" you about them anyways.  Kind of late at that point!  And again, I have yet to hear any negative, first hand information from anyone. 


  1. Agreed! I really enjoy telling them that both my mom and my in-laws bought a Ryan Home in the early 70s and have not had any problems... :-)

  2. Prior to us signing, a decent handful of people came to me with "warnings" about Ryan Homes ... and just as you said, NONE of them had personal experience with Ryan Homes. However the very people who lived in the same community we're building in LOVE their home - two even plan to sell their current home to build a larger one in the very same community.

    And then the funny thing is that those same people are now "so excited" for us that we're building with Ryan. Interesting. :)

  3. I have been following your blog and would like to provide a little feedback...while the Live Traffic Feed is a neat idea to see where all your readers are located, it creaps beyond the boundries of the margin and covers some of your writing. In most cases you can sort of figure out what is being written, but it just makes it tough...if possible I would turn it off...doesn't appear to be any way for us to do that.

  4. So we're not the only ones going through this! The biggest mother-in-law! The funny thing is, like you said, no one has any first hand knowledge, just something they heard in the 70's. We did our research and while there is some negative stuff online, we haven't talked to anyone who has moved into or built a Ryan that wasn't happy. It is frustrating though.

  5. Just ran across your blog after an "I hate Ryan Homes" Google search. I am LIVING the Ryan Homes nightmare and have been for nearly 3 years. The "bad rap" that they have regardless of how you heard it, is TRUE. I'd be happy to give you the link to my homeowner's forum for our community in Maryland, so you can read the multitude of complaints from ALL 116 unit owners. That's right, not a single one is without complaint! Good luck to you, is all I can say. Make sure that you do complete due diligence when it comes to inspecting your home (don't get caught up in the fact that it's means NOTHING) and make sure that you document everything. I hate to put a damper on your experience, but it's not because I don't want to see people happy, I just wish someone had warned us! Also, check out the multitude of websites created for the disdain of Ryan Homes- topics from financing to the poor construction is addressed. Last but not least, just check out the Better Business Bureau because those are the "serious" complaints and not just rants! You'll see that my report to the BBB will be one of the many registered!

  6. MC - I appreciate your "concern" but don't you think your warning is a little late? We've had a great experience and have been following everything very closely with regards to the construction of our home. Everything has been done well and is top notch. I'm sorry you're having issues within your community, that definitely sucks. But I have yet to hear of any complaints in our neck of the woods.