Friday, November 5, 2010

Pictures and an update

Things have been going well.  We had a wonderful first Halloween in our new neighborhood - everyone is so friendly!  We're still working on unpacking a few more boxes, but for the most part we've settled in.  The house still doesn't feel quite like home, but I am sure we'll get there as we start putting our own touches on things.  I haven't been as productive as I would like because my husband has been really busy with work and I've been under the weather as well.  There's also an outbreak of Strep Throat at our babysitter so I'm praying the kids don't get it (or me either!).

We've had a few things fixed - our doorbell wasn't working and it was fixed.  We also had our alarm system installed.  It freaks me out a little - we've never had one and I'm scared of setting the alarm off!

We have a little bit of grass!  I'm surprised it has grown at all, but it is definitely there.  We have a few small sinkholes but nothing too bad and our Project Manager told us they were normal and would be fixed in the spring.

Powder Room


Kitchen/Morning Room

View from mud room into kitchen/great room

dining room

play room (formal living room)


great room

master bath