Friday, October 22, 2010

Updates, Updates, Updates!!!

Holy cow.  I totally get why the other Ryan Home bloggers disappear off the face of the earth for a week or so after they move in!  We have been BUSY!

It is hard to believe we have been living in our new home for about a week now!!  I love it.  I am so happy.  I will post pictures soon, but I need to finish unpacking. 

I love our neighborhood.  Tons and tons of little kids for my girls to play with and I'm getting to know one of the neighbors whose daughter attends preschool with mine.  We might even go to a fall festival together this weekend! 

Our move went GREAT.  Probably the smoothest move we've ever had.  Our project manager checked in with us to make sure everything was going ok.  Funny story, one of our movers just built a Ryan home a few months ago!  He's been in it for about 2 months and he had the same project manager.  And he's been really happy with everything so far! Glad to hear it!

There are a few issues that need to be fixed - as I'm sure there are with every new build (at least, that's what I'm hearing from people!).  There was a nick in the bottom of our bathtub and someone came and fixed that right away.  Our doorbell doesn't work and I'm not sure what is going on with that.  I know it will be fixed soon.  We are keeping a list and our Project Manager said that we'll go through everything at our 30 day meeting.  There are a few drywall issues, the front door needs another coat of paint and some sanding, the pillars might need more paint - nothing mission critical.  My biggest issue is that I'm a total perfectionist and overly critical so I'm trying not to be super anal about things. 

Great news - our lawn was able to be graded and seeded.  YAY!  That was a very pleasant surprise.  But guess what else?  We get 2 trees!!  I love trees and they aren't cheap - especially to have a professional landscaper come and put them in, so I was absolutely THRILLED when I found out about that. 

Ryan Homes came out with a website for current homeowners.  I just got the email about it yesterday so I'm looking forward to checking that out. 

Overall, we have been so, SO happy with this experience.  We love our home.  And I'm very pleased with the attention and service that NVR and Ryan Homes give to their customers.  I know other people have had issues, but for those building in Western New York - definitely consider them.  You get so much more for your money!

I will definitely continue to update this as we live in our home and will update with pictures soon!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Final Walk Through

Today we had our final walk through at the house.  We close on Friday.  Everything looked great.  The meeting was kind of boring (no offense Project Manager Mike!!!!).  All about warranties, and furnaces and hot water tanks, etc, etc, etc.  Can you tell I was really paying attention?  I've just got too much on my mind - I'll let my husband worry about maintenance issues!!

Keep your fingers crossed for us that our move goes well on Friday - its supposed to rain buckets.  GAH!!!!   

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Recent pictures

Vanity in upstairs bathroom.  Not loving it - it's SO small!

Lame-O vanity in Master Bath.  This is being replaced.

Master Bedroom.  And a cameo by our Project Manager!

Natalie checking out her room.

View of dining room


Powder room