Saturday, October 2, 2010

Recent pictures

Vanity in upstairs bathroom.  Not loving it - it's SO small!

Lame-O vanity in Master Bath.  This is being replaced.

Master Bedroom.  And a cameo by our Project Manager!

Natalie checking out her room.

View of dining room


Powder room


  1. The house looks great! It looks so spacious. You made a lot of great decisions. I'm dreading our bathroom sink now :( We'll have to look into buying additional cabinets.

    One of the biggest things my husband an I didn't agree on when choosing the upgrades was the additional windows in the morning room. I wanted them, he didn't. He won. But after seeing your morning room I feel a lot better about it! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures.

  2. KM - I was worried about not getting the extra windows too, but now that I see it, I'm happy with how it turned out. And I love that I have the free wall to hang some nice artwork in there!

    Which house are you building again? Is it too late for you to switch out your sink? We were able to have Ryan replace ours for free because we were not told that's what the sink would be like in our Master Bath. Our Sales Rep did say single sink, single bowl but to me that does NOT equal single vanity!

  3. Kristine, your house is coming together nicely! Do you happen to remember what color cabinets you picked for your kitchen? We're doing our selections now, and are on the fence as to color.

  4. John - we went with the Maple Spice

  5. Thanks, we're between the maple spice and maple cognac. We appreciate the blog, my wife and I are following closely :)

  6. Kristine, we're building the Venice. My husband insists our sales person told us about the sink, so I don't know how likely it is that we'd get it free. We'll have to see. If not we'd have to pay the penalty plus the cost of the vanity. It might be easier to just do it after.
    I totally agree with you now about the wall in the morning room. It will be more usable this way. My husband will be so happy to not have me complain about it any more!

  7. We are building a ryan home as well and are 2 to 2.5 weeks away from pre drywall mtg......i cant thank all the bloggers enough for these blogs, my final decision was based on all ur blogs since all i read were negative comments etc etc about these builders.....i recently tried changing my single sink in the kids bathroom to a double sink maybe a week or two ago and i was rejected. I am embaressed to make it an issue because the project manager has been wonderful but the sales person has also with a few exceptions.....i didnt even ask the project manager just the u guys have any suggestions.....i am building a courtland, any chance there is a difference, maybe the extra vanity included cause its a different model?

  8. batoula - where are you building? I would absolutely continue to push with your sales rep (not the project manager) about the sink. And if they continue to refuse you, make sure you let them know how unhappy you are. Everyone at NVR seems to be extremely concerned with their ratings - they all want 10s. If they don't give you what you want (and they should, you're building a Courtland for crying out loud!! That's a big, expensive house!) don't give them good ratings. If they haven't put the plumbing in yet, they can do the double sink. At the very least, they can give you the bigger countertop with the single sink (like my master bath) and stick 2 vanities in there.

    We were able to add our Morning Room just a few weeks before we broke ground AND they made this recent change in our bathroom. They can definitely give you what you're looking for. Good luck!

  9. Hey Kristine, we r builing ironically in florence, nj, i am very excited but we are out of state so we arent able to peek at every step :( and with this rain i dont think they have gotten very far this week. Anyway thanks so much for the advice but i still feel bad pushing for it since he already said no and technically it is my fault for not asking for it to begin with.....the reason i wanted to change it orgininally is cause i just changed my mind about the single and wanted a double sink but i really do hope i get the vanity with the extra space and i think i will ask for sure cause that is just not acceptable to me.....ok well wish me luck!