Thursday, September 30, 2010

MUCH happier.


We will be closing on the 15th!  YAY!!!!!  I really wish we could close on the 13th, but that's just me being picky and a planner.  The 15th is just dandy.  I cannot wait!  I am so anxious to start living in our new house. 

Ryan Homes is fixing the vanity in our Master Bath - for FREE!  YAY!!  I am extremely pleased with this.  I was NOT expecting to get anything for free.  I was really just upset that the master vanity was not clearly communicated to us.  Note to Ryan Home Employees: there should really be a visual or something.  Either a picture or at the selection center.  You'd probably have a lot more people upgrading their bathrooms!!  There won't be any change in the other bathroom, but I'm ok with that.  I DO remember our Sales Rep saying it would be a single vanity in that bathroom.  I didn't realize how SMALL it would be (hence the need for a visual!) but there definitely wasn't a miscommunication on that.

A big thank you to our Project Manager and Sales Rep for getting this taken care of! 

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