Monday, September 27, 2010

So, yea...I'd say this is my biggest complaint so far!

We still don't have a definite closing date.

We stopped in at the model and talked to one of the sales reps on Saturday and he said we were in the computer for October 13th.  Sounds great.  Apparently we're supposed to get some sort of letter, but we haven't seen that yet.  Today, hopefully!

My husband spoke with our Project Manager this morning and apparently October 13th isn't the closing date, its the date of our final walk through and our closing will probably be the 15th.  GRRRRRR.  Can we just get some straight and DEFINITE answers here?  Maybe I'm just jealous of all you other Ryan Home bloggers who seem to have better communication about your settlement date than we do.  Apparently there were some paperwork issues delaying things. 

I know I've been waiting since May to get into our new house - what's a few more weeks???  Why do they seem like they're dragging on FOREVER????

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  1. I hope you have resolution soon. I know how frustrating it must be - especially when you are so close to moving in. We felt that way waiting for pre-construction meeting (and we truly did become pests to get an answer).

    We were not thrilled with two days in between final walk through and closing either - apparently it's so they can fix anything noticed during the final walk through. Those dates wouldn't work for us like that though (for work reasons) and we requested they change them to the same day.

    Good luck... just think - soon, you'll be relaxing in your new home....