Saturday, September 25, 2010

We're moving WHEN?!?!?!?!

Oh wait...we don't know yet.  The question is quite literal.

I'm frustrated.  I want to know when we're moving!!  I have 2 little kids to factor into this moving equation, I need to figure some stuff out.  And my husband works from home so we HAVE to make sure we have internet as soon as we move in. 

When we had our pre-drywall meeting a few weeks ago, we were given an estimated closing date of October 8th.  But when we talked to our Project Manager, he mentioned he was about a week ahead of that schedule.  Then this week he happened to mention to my husband that some things got pushed back recently due to weather.  I don't know if that was with our house or some other house that happened to affect ours?  I have no idea...  And of course if we move October 8th (and that weekend) - we have very little help to move!  My In-Laws are out of town for the weekend, my parents have a wedding in Albany, our babysitter is going camping, my husbands Aunt is going out of town.  ACK!  I think my brother and sister-in-law can help and a couple of close friends.  But can you see why this is semi-maddening?  I need to know if we're moving on the worst possible weekend or not!

Anyways...drywall is done.  House is painted.  Trim and doors are up!  They poured our porch.  The vinyl flooring is installed.  Cabinets are inside the house, but not hung.  It seems like everything is so close!   I'm so ready to be IN!

On a really fun note, we met one of our new neighbors today!  Her daughter is the same age as my daughter and they are in the same preschool class!  How awesome is that?!  And her son is close to my other daughters age.  I'm so excited!


  1. I hear your frustration! We don't have a closing date either and I'm not packing a THING until I know a date!

  2. I know for me it would be extremely difficult to not move in the day you get the keys, but with that much craziness happening that weekend, maybe you could just push the move off till the following weekend. That would also give you time to make sure you have internet in the house as well.

  3. Are you working with NVR? They provided us a settlement date about 6 weeks before the actual date (September 3 for an October 22 Close) - maybe a little more. We received that before the pre-drywall meeting.

    I hope you have a date soon! That would make me crazy!