Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Other Ryan Home builders...what kind of hot water tank do you have?

My husband stopped by our house yesterday and he was disappointed to find that the hot water tank was installed.  And it's electric.  Apparently he says that's a bad thing because electricity is expensive where we are.  (I have no idea...)  He said that he specifically asked about the hot water tank and that our Sales Representative told us it was a gas water tank.  He's going to call soon and hopefully get some answers!

If you've built a Ryan home - what type of hot water tank do you have?


  1. We are building with Ryan in Virginia. We have a gas tank-less water heater and gas furnace for heat.

  2. 98% positive ours is gas, too - I'll double check.

  3. I've got gas. Our previous house was ALL electric. No complaints when comparing our bills to our neighbors who had both gas and electric in their homes when we lived there.

  4. The "standard" tank that came with our Ryan home was electric. We upgraded to a gas hot water tank

  5. I know this is an older post, but it's still relevant to me...

    We've just started building our Revenna (installing windows & exterior doors) and the special we were offered was a tankless waterheater with the upgraded (seperate tub/shower) in the owener's bathroom.

    We signed the contract at the very end of September '10. Just something for people to look out for if it's important to ya.