Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No tub news.

I was hoping that I would have gotten a call back from the head of Ryan Homes yesterday, but no luck.  Seeing how it is pretty much end of day today, I'm not expecting to hear from him today either.  A little frustrating only because he said he was going to talk to my project manager yesterday morning and then call me yesterday. 

On the bright side, they are regrading our lawn today.  We had major amounts of settling in our yard and it kind of looked awful, so I'm really happy to hear that they regraded the whole thing.  YAY!  I'm a little sad to hear that we lost the pond in our front yard though....LOL (kidding!)

Monday, May 9, 2011

So much for the tub being fixed.

Shortly after my last post, we discovered not one, not two, but THREE more cracks in our master bath shower/tub.  We called the Customer Service line and they said that the call needed to be escalated to the Service Manager and he'd have to come and take a look at it.  First of all, it took him almost 2 weeks to get in touch with us.  I ended up calling our Project Manager to ask if he had heard anything and he emailed the Service Manager and we were called the next day, so perhaps that had something to do with us finally getting a call back. 

The Service Manager came to our house this morning.  I am very disappointed, to say the least.  He is telling my husband that the cracks have most likely been there since the tub was installed, we just didn't notice them.  Um, that's complete crap.  There is no freaking way.  What, is this guy some sort of fiberglass tub expert?  I doubt it.  My husband and I both throuroughly inspected that shower/tub for additional cracks after the first FIVE (yes, FIVE!!!) were discovered.  And due to contract issues (or something) it took MONTHS to get someone to come in and fix those cracks properly.  All of the cracks were finally fixed just before Easter.  The 3 new ones were definitely NOT there before. 

So, the Service Manager is telling us that he's going to have the Tub guy come back and fix the cracks.  Um, no.   Unacceptable.  This is ridiculous!  If you went and bought a bathtub at the Home Depot and it had 8 cracks in it, would you install it?  NO!  You'd take it back and get a new one.  So, I don't care if these cracks have been there since installation or they appeared since the house settled - my bathtub in my brand new house that I paid a LOT of money for has had 8 freaking cracks in it!  I want a NEW TUB!  And, this particular tub was an upgrade for us - so we paid additional money for this too!!

I guess after typing all of this out, disappointed doesn't quite acurately describe how I'm feeling at the moment.  I'm pretty ticked off.  Especially since we've been dealing with this for MONTHS.  Since Christmas!  And we still have other things that need to get coat of paint on our front door, on our pillars, replace sidewalk and walkways, fill in sink holes in our yard, hydroseed.  Ugh, I just want it to be finished. 

I put a call in to the head of Ryan Homes in our area and hopefully he'll be in touch with us soon so we can get this sorted out.  At this point, the tub HAS to be replaced.  I will not settle for anything less.  There is clearly something wrong with our tub.  (And have you ever seen how they drop off the building materials??  They just slide it off a flatbed and it all slams into the ground.  If those cracks have been there since installation, I have a pretty good idea how they got there!!)  It is so huge that they'll have to cut it up to get it out of the house.  And they won't be able to replace it with what we had (because it is so big - soaking tub) they're going to have to replace it with something better.  I'll take either a soaking tub with tile surround or a jacuzzi tub with fiberglass surround - either is fine.  But they are replacing this tub.