Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How we got that Morning Room

This was a big issue for us.

The house we're getting comes standard with 2560 square feet. And when we were making our house decisions, I think - well...I know - I was overwhelmed!!! I stink at decision making and while I knew I WANTED the Morning Room...did we really need it? We were already doubling our living space! I was afraid I was being greedy if we got the Morning Room. Plus...it isn't cheap!

So we decided not to get it.

And can I tell you it was EATING at me. For weeks.

Then the Ravenna model in our neighborhood was finished. So of COURSE we went to check it out! And there was that Morning Room, staring me right in the face. And I posted pictures to all of my friends and of course they all said I HAD to get the Morning Room. And I KNEW I did! KNEW IT! I knew it would eat at me forever if I didn't get it.

So, I call my sales agent and he looks into it for us. Long story made as short as possible, we decided not to get it. The reason being - we were having some issues with getting the mortgage approved. Not because we didn't have the income, but because the bank wouldn't count Jeff's second income because he'd only been working there for a year. DOH! Because of that little issue, getting the Morning Room would put us really close to the cap of what the bank was approving us for. If interest rates went up, we'd be screwed and have to pay for the Morning Room out of pocket. Boo. So we realized it wasn't in the cards and decided not to get it.

And it was STILL eating at me. It's a lousy 200 additional square feet...but it MAKES the house! Just opens the space up so beautifully!

Well, wouldn't you know it. Jeff's second income turned into a full-time job! WAHOOOOOO! That is a very good thing for us, for a million different reasons. But for the purpose of this post, it was REALLY good for us to potentially get that Morning Room I'd been drooling over. A quick call to our NVR Loan officer to make sure we could add that Morning Room - CHECK! Not a problem. Awesome! Next, time to call our Sales Agent. He said he thought it was too late to add something like that. All the plans had been approved by the town, our lumber was already ordered, we were already on the schedule to start building. DARN, DARN, DARN!!! But, he was going to check with the big-wigs and get back to us. But DON'T get our hopes up. And it will probably cost a LOT more. We understood and knew it was a long shot.

Imagine my surprise when our Agent called us a few days later to say YES!! YES WE CAN GET THE MORNING ROOM!! And those extra costs he warned us about?? They're a drop in the bucket - very minimal!!! Yahooooooo!!

Jeff and I have been so excited ever since we got that phone call - now we're definitely building our dream home!


  1. VERY exciting, especially coming from a fellow-Morning Room-lover! We went with it in our house as well and I think you hit the nail on the head: it MAKES the house! While we're still building, of all the pics I post of ours, it gets the MOST compliments from everyone! YAY YOU!

  2. Although our home is large, we still opted for the morning room. We *LIVE* in this space. Could not imagine life without it. You made a fine choice.