Monday, July 26, 2010

The Pre-Construction Meeting

It wasn't really as exciting as I thought it would be. Basically it was just going over the plans of the house. It's funny because we're going over all the flooring, etc and I cannot remember what I picked to save my life! It sounded right...I think. We talked about the house, the yard, what to expect. There are some big boulders on our lot and he said we might be able to keep them if we want.

Our Project Manager seems really nice. He seems like he'll be good to work with, and I've heard nice things about him.

A few things we found out that I'm not thrilled with...but it isn't any fault of Ryan or NVR.

1) We don't have a date for ground breaking. BOO! That's our own fault though because we added our morning room at the super, duper last minute. Our PM told us that they are literally just waiting on the permits from the town - HURRY UP TOWN!! It could be anytime between the next couple days to couple weeks. BUMMER! But, like I said, that's our own fault.

2) Due to the time of year our house will be finished, there is no guarantee they'll be able to grade and seed the lawn until the spring, and even then we're looking at possibly the end of June. They might be able to grade it and then seed it in the spring, but it just depends. And they can't do it right away in the spring because the ground is too wet. Again, totally not Ryan Homes fault, just the timing doesn't work out quite right. Oh well...I won't have to worry about landscaping or a fence or other stuff right away! Just one more reason to focus my energy on the INSIDE of the house, right? :-)

3) We found out that our next door neighbor's fence is on part of our property! It is only by a few inches, but still. That annoys the crap out of me. Especially because there are posts indicating property lines...and what the heck happened to putting the fence just within your OWN property line??

What are we going to do about it? Well, nothing right now. We don't want to get off on the wrong foot with our new neighbors! I'm looking at this as leverage for when we put our fence up - we can connect ours to theirs whether they like it or not! It's on our property! :-) And if they're jerks...we'll make them move it. LOL.

We also walked around the model again. I keep forgetting about things. I could stand in the kitchen FOR-EV-ER. All the cabinet space and drawers!! I'm giddy! I feel torn about where to put the cable hook ups in the great room, and upstairs. I don't know why I keep worrying about that stuff - I have plenty of time AND I'm sure I'll have a better idea once we live there.

Just keep your fingers crossed that the town comes back with the permit REALLY SOON!!! Like, TOMORROW!! Thanks! :-)

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