Friday, June 24, 2011

Moving forward...

We had our new project manager (for lack of a better word?  he isn't the project manager, but I guess he's the new guy for our development) come and measure our tub today.  YAY!  He's going to order the tub and the tile and hopefully we'll have a better idea where we stand with the tub being fixed.  Thank goodness!

I guess I'll hear from him next week about the remainder of the 30 day fixes we need taken care of - it has been raining a lot and they are all outside things that need fixing.  He is also supposed to bring us the touch up paint that we've been asking our old PM for since OCTOBER.  I hope so!


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that you finally get resolution on the tub!!!

  2. Hi, my blog is I'm located in Hamburg, NY and I noticed you are in the Buffalo area. How did things turn out with your home? So far mine is nice, but there are issues. Ryan homes seems great at saying they will fix things, but it really takes a long time. How did you get them to finally make the fixes? How long did it take? If you have the time and don't mind sharing your story, I'd like to know.