Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cracked Tub

A bunch of stuff was fixed on Wednesday. 

Imagine my surprise when on Thursday, my cleaning person came downstairs to ask me if I knew about the cracks in our shower/tub.  WHAT?!  No, I definitely didn't.

So, I went up there to check it out and sure enough, there were 5 cracks in our tub!  And they were decent sized cracks.  They had to have happened sometime between Wednesday and Thursday - I definitely would've notice them.

We called our project manager and he was really surprised - and was confused about how something like that could happen.  He has never experienced that before!  We're thinking that maybe the tub was a really tight fit and with the house settling, the pressure caused the cracks.  Someone came out right away on Friday to fix it and luckily the cracks didn't go all the way through to the red fiberglass (or whatever it is).  So I guess that is a good thing? 

Our PM stopped by to check on how the fixes were going (sidenote: all the people who have come to fix our house so far have been SUPER nice!) and I did talk to him about my concerns.  I am worried - what if our tub keeps cracking like this?  That SUCKS!!  And I don't want to have to replace our tub in a few years, you know?  Our PM assured me that they will take care of things - IF we get anymore they will have the manufacturer come take a look at it and we'll go from there.

Oh and something interesting I was told - apparently our tub is so big, we couldn't get a new one!  They can't get it in the house because it is so big!  That worries me a little bit too...what do we do if we need to get a new one?  I guess it comes in pieces or something.  I'll keep you updated..


  1. Ouch - this does sound a little concerning, I agree. Can you post a picture of your tub? I'm curious what type it is.

  2. I agree I would also be concerned in regards to the size if it needed to be replaced. But I also believe that this is not the first time ever and if need be the manufacturer has a remedy.

  3. I would Love to see the tub I also got a oversized tub. could you post a pic of it

  4. Yes please post a pic if you have one....This would be a red flag for me i think...I would want a brand new one....And this would have to be documented for sure and signed by the pm...Because if anything happens in the future I would want a replacement on them....100%

  5. Ugh...I hope it gets resolved and that you don't have any future problems!

  6. I don't have any pictures - I will try to take one tomorrow. Unfortunately, if it comes to needing a new tub, we can't get the same kind. It is one piece and so big that they couldn't get a new one in. We would have to get a 2 piece tub which according to my husband isn't as good. All of the cracks have been fixed, but you can tell where they were - there were 5 in total.