Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Windows!! And Doors!!! (and some Hmmm's...)

I am really starting to get so excited!  Things are coming together and it is really starting to look like our house!!

Some of my Hmmmm's...
It is SO strange to me the way the builders just leave the materials out.  Like the windows and doors.  It would be so easy for someone to come by at night and swipe that stuff!  I'm curious if/how often stuff like that happens.

My other Hmmmm...I'm slightly irritated that the construction site hasn't been as clean as I thought/hoped it would be.  There have been empty soda bottles left in the house, there has been pieces of Styrofoam (I'm assuming from windows?) floating around all over the lot - and going onto our neighbors yard!  Not cool.  And the most annoying...a half eaten hostess cupcake and half eaten sandwich randomly tossed on the ground outside the garage.  GROSS!!  And those have been there for 2 days! are the most recent pictures!  The front was taken yesterday, the back today.  I have a feeling that soon we'll be at the point where we won't notice as many changes on the outside! 

Front Porch

Random missing window...hmmm

Hope no one steals our windows...


  1. Our development has windows, doors, & bath tub surrounds left out all over. They must do this everywhere? Our house while under construction was always a mess - don't let it bother you. The builder has a crew that comes back to clean and it's immaculate! Trust me - you and your neighbors will be used to seeing debris around your houses from the builders and their crews for a long time. It's all good...

  2. YAY!! Looks so good!! Yeah, our house site is a MESS!!! I figure they WILL clean it all up! :)

  3. Beautiful!! I love your covered front porch!!

    We said the same thing - garage door left open with materials just sitting inside, etc. Thankfully nothing was stolen that we knew of, but I have to imagine it happens!

    I had the opposite reaction during our build - I was shocked to see how immaculate everything was every night - never any trash left out anywhere and drywall dust, plywood dust, etc swept up every night. But just think - soon it will be YOURS and you'll have total say over all of that! :)